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Our online

Training Solutions

provide you with intensive, collaborative and focused learning

opportunities that you can access anywhere, at any time. Presented as part of the University of


Professional Online Development (PODs)

offering, not even the sky is the limit.

Shift to lifelong learning online wherever you are.

Shifting knowledge to insight


Training Solutions app

provides you with an interactive one-stop information

service to set up a personalised course portfolio, register and pay for courses online

and track your personal skills development goals – right at your finger tips.

Shift to mobile and get access anywhere you go.

The app can be downloaded world-wide free of charge on both iOS and Android devices. iOS 6.0 or later is

required and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch; Android 4.4 or later is required on all Android devices.


To register online vis





rp ri s







Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP)


a proud track record of fifteen years as the provider of

a single point of integration for the delivery of all short

learning programmes presented by the University of Pretoria

(UP). These programmes, which are aimed at meeting the

need for continued adult and professional education in

South Africa and Africa, are sourced from a wide variety of

departments, centres and institutes across the University.

As a public institution, UP cherishes its role of contributing

to the wellbeing and future growth and development

of South Africa and Africa. Strengthening our impact

on economic and social development locally, regionally

and further afield is therefore one of our core strategic

objectives, in which Enterprises UP plays a pivotal role.

As part of its

Training Solutions

portfolio, Enterprises UP offers

more than 500 short courses across 20 fields of study. While

the graduates delivered by UP annually constitute our most

visible and direct contribution to socioeconomic development,

the relevance, impact and benefits of ongoing professional

development and lifelong learning for skills development,

maintaining a competent workforce and providing in the human

capital needs of the country can hardly be overstated. This is the

domain of Enterprises UP which, together with its contribution to

the long-termfinancial sustainabilityofUP through the significant

third-stream income generated by its activities, clearly illustrates

its importance for the University and the communities it serves.

Since its launch in 2000, more than 320 000 delegates and

6 000 organisations in the private and public sectors

benefitted from all its courses, and Enterprises UP, being

a provider of world-class training, subsequently has an

international footprint stretching more than 100 countries.

I trust that the readers of this catalogue will find a short

course particularly suited to their specific professional or

developmental needs and will join the thousands of successful

Enterprises UP alumni in South Africa and beyond our borders.

By continuing and expanding its activities and by embracing

new technologies and modes of knowledge creation and

dissemination in its unique entrepreneurial style, Enterprises

UP will continue to enhance the University’s positive impact on

the South African and the global economy for years to come.

Prof Cheryl de la Rey

Vice-Chancellor and Principal, University of Pretoria

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