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To register online visit

To register online visit

Having played a profound part in the history of South Africa

for more than 100 years, the University of Pretoria boasts a

lasting legacy that endures through a cluster of innovative and

multidisciplinary Training Solutions and Research Solutions

rendered through

Enterprises University of Pretoria (Pty) Ltd


Our Training Solutions and Research Solutions translate to increased

productivity, enhanced customer service excellence and improved

profitability within any industry. Drawing on the knowledge of

academic and industry experts from the University of Pretoria,

our track record includes high-quality, customised and practical

solutions that set us apart from the traditional skills development

and research organisation.

With some of South Africa’s most acclaimed academics and thought

leaders on our teams of research specialists and course leaders, we

ensure that our clients continuously engage in groundbreaking

knowledge transfer –

shifting knowledge to insight



We offer the best possible Training Solutions to organisations and

individuals through career-focused short courses that provide

proactive, relevant responses to the skills development needs

identified in various industry sectors, places of work, communities,

the country, and beyond.

Already having made a significant impact on the careers of more

than 320 000 individuals from across the globe, we are taking our

commitment to lifelong learning even further. Not only do we

offer a selection of more than 500 short courses across 20 industry

fields, we also provide a choice of training options that include

scheduled courses, Continued Professional Development (CPD)

courses, online and blended learning interventions and customised

corporate training solutions.

Scheduled courses

Our scheduled courses are specifically designed to meet the

training needs of our broader communities and are open to all

prospective delegates throughout the year. In fact, at any given

time we schedule in excess of 100 courses during a three-month

period. This affords delegates and opportunity to pursue a variety of

industry-related short courses, while being able to plan ahead and

reap the benefits of workplace and professional skills development.

CPD courses

We offer various CPD courses, activities and seminars for engineers,

educators, veterinarians and medical professionals, among others,

who need to continuously update their knowledge, acquire

CPD points and maintain their professional status through their

respective professional bodies. We also offer online CPD activities

that cover various topics and include online tests, assessments and

quizzes that can be completed towards CPD points.

Professional Online Development (PODs)

By recognising that many professionals would like to continue

honing their knowledge and skills, but often struggle to find the

time to attend formal lectures, we provide intensive, collaborative

and focused online or blended learning opportunities that can be

accessed anywhere, at any time. Integrated under the University

of Pretoria’s Professional Online Development (PODs) offering,

our online training options include Open Educational Resources

(OERs), online short courses, open online courses and online CPD.

Customised corporate solutions

In an effort to address identified industry- or sector-specific

training needs, our customised, in-house course options are geared

towards organisations that need to upskill and develop their staff

accordingly. We can design a basic course to introduce newly

appointed staff to a specific topic, or provide specialised training

to an executive committee on thought-leading management and

leadership issues. All these courses can be presented on one of the

various University campuses, any suitable venue or on-site.


We are also in the unique position to offer our clients Research

Solutions to help us better serve them as an add-on to our wide

range of short courses. We facilitate research projects to clients

through personalised services and innovative business solutions

that are conducted by specialised project teams.

Our focus areas include, among others, engineering and

construction, sensory research and food product evaluation,

economic modelling, statistical data mining solutions, agribusiness

and actuarial risk management solutions and client retention

strategies – with close to 400 projects successfully completed in

2014 alone.


In pursuit of international markets for the extension of our

business activities and services across the world, we have adopted

a proactive approach in acquiring new business partnerships on

the African continent (and beyond) for the successful execution of

various training and research projects.

In 2014, delegates from 56 different countries (of which 37 are on

the African continent) registered for scheduled short courses, while

a total of 170 different courses were attended by international

delegates. Other international activities included 69 research

projects for 42 clients in 25 countries, and the collaboration with

29 universities and other academic institutions.


Enterprises University of Pretoria (Pty) Ltd

is wholly owned

by the University of Pretoria. The University is registered as a

multipurpose, public training provider in the higher education

and training band. Delegates who successfully complete a course

and comply with the related assessment criteria are awarded

certificates by the University in recognition of their professional

skills development.

We are also registered as a service provider with and member

of a selection of national and international organisations and

professional bodies through which we can deliver business insight

beyond the academic realm that not only showcases market

relevance, but also suits clients’ unique organisational and industry


Enterprises University of Pretoria

is a level 4 contributor to

broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE).

Company overview



Building on more than 15 years of experience,


University of Pretoria (Pty) Ltd

has succeeded in optimising

on the skills and academic expertise of the University of Pretoria.

From inception, our short courses havemade a significant impact

on the careers and professional development of thousands of

delegates in both public and private sectors since 2000.

One of the many highlights in this regard was the expansion

of our international footprint to now include over 60 countries

– a true provider of world-class

Training Solutions

– and

recognising the vital importance of an environment that pivots

around the constant promotion and advancement of post-

qualification knowledge and skills.

It is clear that South Africa is moving forward and is slowly

cementing itself as a globally competitive nation. One of the

major obstacles, however, is the high unemployment rate,

coupled with a shortage of skills. The University of Pretoria has

realised the importance of this issue and consequently created

relevant platforms to equip commercial and government

spheres of business with the necessary skills to promote

economic development and take our country forward.

Therefore we are aiming to make a significant contribution in

terms of developing skills and providing critical business insight

by empowering South Africa and Africa’s labour force. With

initiatives such as these – where universities work and collaborate

together with public and private organisations – I believe that

we can contribute to the country’s economic growth.

In synergy with the University’s long-term strategy, we are

also committed to long-term thinking – the decisions we

make today will shape the entity for years to come. With the

triangular model of science, industry and government and our

commitment to the four pillars of UP 2025 – quality, relevance,

diversity and sustainability – we are well-positioned to further

explore opportunities for innovation, to optimise collaboration

and continue to be a destination for knowledge transfer –

shifting knowledge to insight.

Mr Deon Herbst

Chief Executive Officer:

Enterprises University of Pretoria

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