Enterprises UP Product Catalogue 2018

© Enterprises University of Pretoria (Pty) Ltd 2 Vision To be a training and research partner of choice by translating the quality, relevance and impact of the academic and research-intensive outputs of the University of Pretoria into all-inclusive solutions for our clients. Mission We create a hub for the development, implementation, management and governance of the business activities of the University of Pretoria. We respond to each opportunity with a bold joint enterprise, providing access to a multidisciplinary range of training and research skills. Values • We cherish our partnership with the University of Pretoria. • We believe that our training and research solutions can re-energise organisations by creating vision, certainty and strategic intent. • We foster an enterprise-led approach to bringing relevant and sustainable solutions to our clients and we commit ourselves to the task of contributing to organisational excellence. • We recognise that we must offer solutions that contribute to employment, development and economic growth in South Africa. Engaged with countries spanning six continents 56 Our brand promise In a world where knowledge and innovation often cause disruption and uncertainty, we will be the enterprising partner and brand of choice to lead clients who seek navigational direction. Get social with us Enterpris s University of Pretoria Enterprises University of Pretoria @Enterprises_UP Enterprises University of Pretoria