Bio Archaeological Analysis - Archaeological Geophysics Unit

The Bio-archaeological Analysis and Archaeological Geophysics Unit (BA3G) located within the Department of Anatomy of the University of Pretoria (UP) is a research service unit that provides professional anthropological and archaeological services and expertise to industry. BA3G undertakes global standard research on all aspects of the recovery and study of human skeletal remains, including heritage resource management consulting and criminal investigations assistance.

Archaeological geophysics is a service offering that the BA3G unit offers to a niche market. Geo-physical archaeology involves the use of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and other geo-physical and remote detection techniques and methods for the identification of unmarked graves, cemetery and burial ground delineations.

The BA3G is the only professional body that makes use of geophysics to detect and interpret graves and cemeteries and is one of the few entities which offer bio-archaeological services that include skeletal analysis and identification.

Products and services

  • Bio-archaeology and grave relocation services.
  • Archaeological geophysics.
  • Cultural/heritage resource management and impact assessment.
  • Short courses and training.
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