Enterprises University of Pretoria (Pty) Ltd (Enterprises UP) recently concluded a three-year road user behaviour study for the South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral). The research study explored various aspects of road user behaviour, including exploration into international best practices when compared to South African practices. This research ties in with the United Nations road safety goals, which include safer roads, safer road users and effective accident response systems.

Enterprises UP, through the University of Pretoria’s School of Public Management and Administration, was specifically tasked with the research and the drafting of a curriculum for the Department of Education to use in primary school road safety education. An educational curriculum, along with content was designed and consultations with stakeholders took place to ensure that the material created was relevant.

The “Chek iCoast – Save a Life” campaign was developed form the results of the research project, targeting school learners. It promotes enhanced road user awareness, with the aid of technology and other basic mechanisms for the improvement of road safety.

“Sanral supports the integrated approach to road safety and believes that the disciplines of engineering, education and enforcement (known as the Three E’s of Road Safety) each play a vital role in reducing the carnage on our roads.” – Sanral

The results of the research project were presented at a colloquium hosted at the University of Pretoria. Nazir Alli, CEO of Sanral urged all road users to adhere to all the rules of the road in order to ensure road safety. “Road safety is everyone’s responsibility,” he said. Sanral has started the roll-out of the educational initiatives on various social media platforms and school classrooms.

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