UP Campus Tours (UPCT) will soon be sporting newly branded gear while offering their professional tours on campus, thanks to a sponsorship by Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP). In its 13th year of operation, UPCT is an initiative led by Prof Karen Harris and Ms Charlene Herselman with the daily operational activities being run by the Heritage and Cultural Tourism honour’s programme students – a vital practical component of their degree.

UPCT presents tours to international visitors, visiting academics, prospective students and their parents, University staff and students, to name a few. UPCT is also responsible for hosting tours on UP Open Day and at orientation for first-year students.

“A huge thanks is due to Enterprises UP for their ongoing support,” explains Harris, “Without them this entity would not be able to function.” She continues, “From the very outset, Enterprises UP CEO, Deon Herbst, recognised the entrepreneurial dimension to UPCT and what it means in terms of the students enrolled for the Honours degree, the University community as well as the broader public. The whole concept and ideal of creating ambassadors of tourism has come a long way and we have successfully created ambassadors for the University too.”

UPCT is an opportunity for the students to gain practical experience and acquire various workplace skills including conducting research (in the University Archives), marketing, finances, management and tour guiding. This aligns these postgraduates with UP’s goal of producing students that are “work-place-ready”.

“It’s an honour to be associated with entrepreneurship activities,” says Mr Deon Herbst, CEO of Enterprises UP. “It’s a great opportunity to teach young people how a business is operated.”

The tours are given on the Hatfield Campus and they are delivered in a passionate and enthusiastic way for visitors which is both informative and entertaining. This year the UPCT group can present tours in English, Sesotho, Afrikaans and Shona.

For more information on UP Campus Tours, or to book a tour, email hcstours@up.ac.za or visit http://www.up.ac.za/en/historical-heritage-studies/article/22916/campus-tours or phone 012 420 5155. For more information about the Ready for Work Programme, visit www.enterprises.up.ac.za/ready4work.

Above from left: 2017 UP Campus Tours team with Prof Karen Harris (Professor in the Department of Historical and Heritage Studies and Director, UP Archives), Mr Deon Herbst (CEO, Enterprises UP) and Ms Charlene Herselman (Lecturer in the Department of Historical and Heritage Studies).