Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) recently hosted industry focus group sessions in collaboration with Africa House. During the group sessions, experts from industry met to deliberate and share information and insight on various projects in the ports and rail and water and sanitation industries.

Prof Hannes Gräbe, Chair in Railway Engineering at the University of Pretoria, was among experts who touched on the issue of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and how it is changing the industry as we know it. “Various areas are affected by this revolution. Traditional ways of teaching are falling behind in bringing about the new skills required for this new age revolution,” he explained.

The rapid and vast changes we are beginning to experience in both our personal and professional lives – brought on by the imminent outcomes of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – calls for a drastic shift in our thinking patterns and the way in which every industry will need to conduct business in the near future. Not only will business models in each and every trade need to transform in order to meet the growing needs and demands of consumers, but – more importantly – we will need to a make shift in the way we see and experience the world.

Experts and thought leaders continued to deliberate and share their insights and knowledge regarding their industries – many shared their current projects, challenges, opportunities and reflected on possible collaboration opportunities.

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Above: Delegates attending the focus group sessions at the Enterprise Building – a platform to exchange ideas, insights and knowledge.