The world of work is significantly changing on a daily basis by the introduction of new technologies and globalisation. To stay ahead of industry developments, savvy HR leaders need to start thinking ahead and bringing new solutions that help organisations make strategic decisions for future success.

This brings about the need to invest in knowledge-based activities that are driven by high quality research, and highly-qualified and skilled professionals with the ability to foster and sustain an innovative culture. With the rise of the fourth industrial revolution and technological advancements, HR (as a strategic function) is ideally positioned to leverage the opportunities that digital transformation will bring to the future of work.

Partnering with industry experts and specialists at this point becomes critical. These partnerships will bring independent opinions to the table relating to aspects such as forecasting, knowledge management, analysing of data and auditing of skills. These insights will prompt HR to audit available skills against what the future requires and prepare accordingly to fill the gaps.

HR needs to prepare for a new future by anticipating future skills and job requirements. It is time for HR leaders to be forward thinking and make the necessary investment in systems and to reskill talent by understanding that technology, innovation and automation present new opportunities for corporations to adapt for the better.

To prepare for these technological advancements, in-depth examinations of current business models and structures must take place. Furthermore, finding ways to transform the organisation will lead to a paradigm shift towards a different work environment than what we are accustomed

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