The people who are involved in creating business proposals often have not had any training to support their analysis of whether their proposal is worth pursuing or not. It is the norm that projects and capital expenditure often consume a significant part of the finances of an organisation. It is therefore imperative that those involved with project budgets can make high quality objective decisions about which proposals are likely to have the best result, financially and non-financially.

Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP), through the Department of Financial Management at the University of Pretoria, presented a tailored Project Finance and Investment Analysis short course to an international delegation from Phillips Consulting Limited, Nigeria. Phillips Consulting is a business and management consulting firm which serves clients across Africa on a range of professional disciplines.

Nwaji Jibunoh, Managing Consultant at Phillips Consulting expressed that the programme was instituted for their clients from Nigeria who work in finance, managing investment portfolios. The programme was designed to help them understand the intricacies of finance, in relation to project management. “The programme has been highly engaging and very exciting. Over our longstanding relationship with Enterprises UP, we have always been presented with a quality learning experience for our clients,” said Mr Jibunoh.

Prof Elda du Toit presented the course which placed focus on equipping delegates with the knowledge to be able to prioritise spending, where large budgets are concerned. This knowledge gained will allow delegates to make sound project appraisals and recommendations for capital expenditure, especially considering that most organisations have limited availability of capital and other resources.

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The Nigerian delegation from Philips Consulting

Above: The Nigerian delegation from Philips Consulting attending the Project Finance and Investment Analysis short course in Pretoria.