Above: Prof Theo Veldsman giving a presentation to the representatives from Enterprises UP’s clients.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

 – Peter Drucker

The world of work is significantly changing daily owing to the introduction of new technologies and globalisation. To stay ahead of industry developments, organisational leaders need to start thinking ahead to help their organisations make future-proof strategic decisions. Investing in knowledge-based activities that are driven by high quality research, and highly-qualified and skilled professionals will give organisations the ability to foster and sustain agile workforces.

Our recent business breakfast, with Professor Theo Veldsman at the helm, sought to explore the changing world of work, as affected by the fourth industrial revolution. The breakfast, hosted at Enterprises University of Pretoria, received a group of representatives from our current clients in leading industries including technology development agencies, public sector, telecommunications and research agencies.

“For me, the essence of leadership is about exploring the future and identifying what the options are, and then effecting a strategy to realise your choice”, expressed Prof Veldsman. Drawing on more than 35 years of experience, Prof Veldsman delivered a presentation that took the attendants to the future, exploring the leadership qualities that will enable future success.

Central to the discussion was the concept of ‘complexity-thinking’ which Prof Veldsman suggested would help leaders in creating organisations that are agile, resilient and innovative. Furthermore, he explored the varying effects that organisational design, customer centrism, and employee engagement all play in keeping organisations competitive now, and how they will look going into the new landscape of the future workplace.

The various discussions flowing from this breakfast session can be applied in real-world practice, and it is time to bring the topic closer to home by making it responsive to your organisation. Enterprises UP offers an executive level orientation in a three hour session wherein knowledge is shared as to what are the critical factors for being future-fit. This, combined with an on-site readiness assessment over five days, can determine your status of being future-fit

These real-world practical applications can assist your organisation and its stakeholders to better prepare, adapt to or mitigate the effects of the future landscape on your business.

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