New branded uniform for UP Campus Tours Team, courtesy of Enterprises UP

Friday, April 1, 2022

The University of Pretoria Campus Tours (UPCT) team just received their branded outfit, courtesy of Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP). UPCT is a particularly significant initiative that Enterprises UP continue to support year after year. This year's student-managed business venture is led by 16 students from the Department of Historical and Heritage Studies based on the University's Hatfield Campus. The initiative is run under the guidance of the Director of the University of Pretoria Archives and forms a vital practical component of their degree qualification.

The objective of UPCT is to provide unique tours of the University's Gardens/ Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums to prospective students, new university staff, international visitors, and the general public. The team takes pride in providing the most engaging tours of the University's wondrous world, not only from an academic standpoint, but also as an exciting experience for everyone who wishes to broaden their horizons at the University and learn its history.

Deon Herbst, CEO of Enterprises UP, complimented Prof Karen Harris, the founder of UPCT, on carrying the programme forward, saying, "It is fantastic for us to see the team thriving and energised, as that is what we are looking forward to in 2022. I am certain that you will be the best ambassadors ever for this University, the Faculty, and the Department."

"The leadership with Prof Harris is exceptional; you are honoured to be working so closely with such an industry thought leader," Mr Herbst said as he addressed the team.

COVID-19 provided UPCT the opportunity to diversify their services and create a more exciting way of showcasing the University of Pretoria's past and promising future. When joining the team in person is not an option, the team now offers virtual tours. Participants get unlimited access to virtual tours customised to their unique interests. There are virtual tours of all of the University of Pretoria's campuses accessible.

Prof Karen Harris expressed gratitude to Enterprises UP for their ongoing support, stating that “We were the first adopted programme by Enterprises UP. Mr Herbst's recognition of the programme’s entrepreneurial potential saved the project from extinction. We wish to express our gratitude for all of your assistance throughout the years."

We wish you all the best Campus Tours Team!

Click here for more information on UP Campus Tours, or send an email to: upcampustours@gmail.com