3 , 2023
Free online webinar: Employee Wellness in the Workplace
Through a series of webinars that support employee wellness in the workplace, a group of health professionals provides a strong fundamental understanding of how to enhance employee wellness.
3 , 2023
Accelerating change for a sustainable future: South Africa celebrates World Water Day 2023
From March 20th to 26th, South Africa is observing Water Week 2023, a time to reflect on the country's progress towards sustainable water management and accelerate efforts towards this goal. Coinciding with Water Week is World Water Day on March 22, which provides an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of water and promote action to address the world's water challenges.
3 , 2023
Seismicity: How it is induced by human technological activities and its related seismic hazard
The seismicity induced by human technological activities is an important problem that involves both scientific and industrial society. Learn how to minimise these risks and support industrial activities in seismically active regions with Enterprises University of Pretoria's two-day course.
3 , 2023
South Africa's 2023 budget: Promoting a greener economy with incentives for green investments
South Africa's 2023 budget, which was presented by Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana on February 22, 2023, includes several measures aimed at promoting a greener economy and encouraging investment in green projects.
3 , 2023
Unlocking the potential of 3D imaging and printing in the South African medical field: Bridge the knowledge gap for health sciences practitioners and researchers
The emergence of affordable three-dimensional (3D) imaging and printing technology is revolutionising the medical field, offering several advantages to medical science academics and clinical practitioners.
2 , 2023
How advancements in technology are shaping the future of pump station design
As the need for improved pumping solutions continues to grow, technology is playing an increasingly important role in the design and operation of clear-water pump stations: From 3D flow simulation to energy-efficient pumps and smart control systems.