11 , 2021
Celebrating Blasting Engineering 2021 delegates who have successfully completed their training programme
Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) recently celebrated the delegates who completed the Programme in Blasting Engineering offered by the Department of Mining Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology of the University of Pretoria at Casa Toscana lodge in Pretoria.
11 , 2021
Tharisa Minerals visits Enterprises UP to explore their mining-related services
Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) undertakes a wide range of research and training initiatives on a continuous basis to support the University of Pretoria's drive to remain a leading research-intensive institute. Tharisa Minerals recently visited Enterprises UP, which provided an opportunity for the two parties to discuss collaboration around Enterprises UP and the University of Pretoria's (UP) research and training capabilities.
11 , 2021
Enterprises UP positions its future-fitness in the latest Business Unusual Magazine
The third issue of Business Unusual Magazine was released, providing detailed insight into the African and global trade environments.
9 , 2021
New innovations like the Smart Grid Programme are evolving the energy industry in SA
Technology did not evolve at a rapid speed when compared to where power engineering was 50 years ago, advancement was slow. It was all standard practice when it came to transformers and transmission lines, and communication technology was not as developed. We unknowingly found ourselves only at the brink of what was to come. Fast forward a half-century, and we are now witnessing tremendous growth in the energy industry.
8 , 2021
Enterprises UP honours female leaders in skills development and research
South Africa celebrates Women’s Month in August, in commemoration of the 20 000 women who marched to Union Buildings, Pretoria in 1956. The selfless acts of the participants in the march were in protest against gender disparities under the Apartheid regime.
7 , 2021
Continuation of a fruitful partnership with Toyota SA
The South African taxi industry is one of the largest and viable industries that continues to exponentially grow on a daily basis. The industry has supported thousands of people and contributed to the employment of many as drivers and marshals, who have also in the process accumulated the experience in the business and operations of managing the industry.