Our BDS Programme is an all-inclusive solution focused on any small business entity that aspires to be more effective, efficient and sustainable. It includes areas such as:

  • Small, medium and micro-sized enterprises (SMME) development.
  • Enterprise development.
  • Supplier development.
  • Corporate social investment (CSI).
  • B-BBEE scorecard optimisation.

The programme focuses on the “business” of the business (operations) and where applicable, may include training interventions, and limited mentoring and coaching.

Our preferred method of delivery is on-site delivery, working within the specific context of the business entity.

BDS Virtual Business Clinic

  • Functional diversity:
    • Working in any sector and segment.
  • Value chain approach:
    • Develop strategic value chain analytics for corporates to assist in identifying small business opportunities.
  • Multi-disciplinary teams:
    • The ability to compose engineers, HR specialist, economists etc. into a one-stop solution.
  • On-site:
    • Working on-site at the location of the business entity.
    • Not limited geographically.
  • Customised:
    • Customised solutions informed by analytical tools, research and evidence.
  • Standardised analytical toolkits:
    • Utilising industry-tested toolkits and models.
  • Team leadership:
    • Every operation under the guidance of a competent and experienced team leader.
  • Knowledge transfer and capacity building:
    • Relevant and applicable training, coaching and mentoring.
  • Audits, evaluations and impact assessments.

SMME Development

  • Feasibility studies
  • Product/service R&D
  • Pre-incubation/Incubation readiness testing and selection
  • Opportunity screening
  • Technology testing, optimisation and IP advisory
  • Creativity and innovation training and development
  • StartingMYBusiness training (tech-based)
  • Incubation formation consultation and turnkey solutions
  • Channeling technology transfer (science –to–market)
  • Policy advice – national, provincial and local
  • Pre-incubation (UP Business Incubator)
  • Business modelling (value-to-customer)
  • Business plans for growth
  • Product development (innovation research and advice)
  • Pipeline access-to-market mechanisms (ecosystem approach)
  • ManagingMYBusiness: skills development
  • Supplier Investment System (SiS) – cooperative development
  • Technology design and optimisation
  • Mamelodi Business Clinic
  • Policy research and advice
  • Strategy for expansion
  • Business modelling for innovation and scaling
  • Specialised research (Consulta Pty Ltd)
  • Industry specific linkage and access to markets (Africa and beyond)
  • Technology enhancement and optimisation
  • Advanced skills development: GrowingMYBusiness
  • Acceleration services (coaching and mentoring)
  • Scorecards
  • Board composition and advice
  • Corporate governance (consultation)
  • Business analytics
  • Turnaround strategies and business rescue advisory

Supplier Development

How to get involved?

You can become a driver of change by investing in our all-inclusive solution focused on any small business entity that aspires to be more effective, efficient and sustainable.

Together, we can propel and support small enterprises and young entrepreneurs further in developing them into the credible business partners we need for the future. Contact us today and tap into the sustainable difference we can make in enterprise and supplier development.

For more information on the Business Development Support (BDS) Programme contact:

Kabelo Serutle
Business Manager
Tel:         +27 (0)12 434 2350
Cell:         +27 (0)82 525 1731
Email:    kabelo.serutle@enterprises.up.ac.za