Enterprises University of Pretoria was formed with a mandate from the University of Pretoria to:

  • take responsibility for the development, implementation and management of the business activities of the University of Pretoria; and
  • govern and manage the business activities of the University of Pretoria.

To effectively achieve its mandate, the following objectives were developed:

  • Implement and manage the mandate of the company within the ambit of:
    • the provision of services (Training Solutions, Research Solutions and affiliate companies);
    • the utilisation of the University’s existing resources (human and physical); and
    • The commercialisation of intellectual property.
  • Align and integrate opportunities for business within a multidisciplinary environment.
  • Effectively implement vested business ventures.
  • Stabilise the newly implemented ventures.
  • Provide continued strategic support and governance of the entities.
  • Grow the business platform to ensure sustainability.
  • Optimise revenue generation for the University of Pretoria.

Enterprises University of Pretoria aligns its business objectives with the four driving constructs of the University of Pretoria: quality, relevance, diversity and sustainability. The company also supports the University’s long-term strategy – UP 2025 – to be a leading research-intensive university in Africa, recognised internationally for its quality, relevance and impact, and for developing people, creating knowledge and making a difference locally and globally.

The opportunities that exist in an expanding campus enterprise structure present themselves in two distinct categories:

The provision of services

  • Enterprises University of Pretoria (Pty) Ltd

Enterprises University of Pretoria endeavours to establish new initiatives for specialised services that may be rendered by virtue of the University’s stature, position and facilities.

Training Solutions, in association with recognised academics from the University of Pretoria, provides training and career development services to the public and commercial sectors globally through quality career-focused courses to address skills shortages worldwide.

Research Solutions provides and facilitates easy access to a multidisciplinary range of research skills and renders a professional and quality business-to-business service, which is compliant with effective corporate governance principles.

The utilisation of the University’s existing resources

The utilisation of opportunities afforded by the substantial market that the University provides in the form of staff, students and physical resources has led to the establishment of the following ventures:

  • Bookmark at UP (Pty) Ltd

Bookmark supplies the most comprehensive booklist required for an academic career and also provides leisure books, stationery and magazines to students, staff, academics and the general public. For more information visit

  • Tuks FM Trust

Tuks FM, which has been successfully operating since 1981, is the community radio station of the University of Pretoria and broadcasts under licence from the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA). Tuks FM was awarded the prestigious Campus Station of the Year award at the MTN Radio Awards in 2015 for the fourth consecutive year and walked away with five awards in total, collectively winning more awards than any campus, community, public broadcasting service or commercial station in South Africa. For more information visit