Leadership Development Programme for School Principals

Experiential leadership training and skills development that ignites change in schools, classrooms and communities.

The quality of school leadership is widely regarded as one of the most important factors in South Africa in an effort to deliver enhanced school performance across-the-board. When considering any school leadership intervention, however, solving the problem of the country’s current education crisis presents a complex, yet opportune, setting to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of leaders at school level and the environments they work in.

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In 2013, a group of principals from the Tshwane South District embarked on a life-changing endeavour with a workshop on Optimising Whole Brain® Learning in the Digital Age. The pilot project became our flagship CSI initiative and since inception, 22 principals have successfully completed the programme.

The Leadership Development Programme for School Principals has been commended by the Department of Basic Education on its significant impact on the quality and outcomes of professional skills development for school principals in the Tshwane South District, welcoming the third annual instalment of the programme in 2016.

The programme is funded through a corporate-to-principal basis where organisations can invest in the sustainable development of a selected school principal as a community leader. Organisations and CSI sponsors can invest in a R18 000 partnership per nominated principal to attend the year-long training programme. With a maximum of 15 principals per year per group, sponsors invest on a personal level and get involved in areas of improvement and the communities where they want to see change for the better.

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