Advanced Course in Events Management
Brief Description
The Advanced Course in Events Management provides you with more progressive insights to the events management industry and focuses on the business aspects (and the importance of the events manager) to successfully deliver an events project from start to finish. During the course, you will acquire the skills to prepare and present persuasive event proposals, structure and manage an event as a project, and design and implement all aspects of the event planning process. You will also gain in-depth knowledge of the relevant procurement, contracting, risk planning, marketing, financial and logistic aspects that the events manager should be aware of.
Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing this course, you should
  • have a broad overview of the events management industry
  • be able to prepare and present winning event proposals to prospective clients
  • be able to structure and manage an event as a project
  • have an overview of procurement, the contracting process and contracting management principles
  • be able to design and implement all aspects of the event planning process, including planning for risk
  • have an overview of marketing principles and will be able to develop an event marketing strategy
  • have comprehensive knowledge of financial aspects relevant to event management
  • have comprehensive knowledge of the operational and logistical management of events
  • have acquired monitoring and evaluation, and quality management skills, and
  • have an understanding of the importance of the role that the Event Manager plays in managing successful events as a project.
Course Content
Module 1: Introduction to Event Project Management
Module 2: Project Management
Module 3: Pre-event strategy
Module 4: Marketing
Module 5: Finance
Module 6: Business plan for events
Module 7: Risk and legal
Module 8: Communication and business plan work session
Module 9: Final evaluation
Entry Requirements
Prospective delegates should have two years experience in the events management industry and a certificate in the Short Course in Events Management.
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Business Management and Entrepreneurship
Who Should attend:
Prospective and current event managers.
Delivery Mode:
Contact Sessions
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