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Advanced Course in Narrative Coaching
Brief Description
The Advanced Course in Narrative Coaching provides you with a deeper exploration into the narrative coaching approach by looking at relevant terminology and worldviews of narrative practice in more detail. The course touches on more progressive topics of coaching and mentorship, professional facilitation, consulting, as well as leadership and management to provide you with a holistic view of how narrative views are embedded and applied in the personal and corporate realms. During the course, you will delve into the theoretical underpinnings of narrative practice, and tackle relevant issues through hands-on exercises as a suggestion to narrative conversations with coachees/mentees.
Learning Outcomes
  • It offers a thorough overview of the concern with epistemology in narrative practice and how this influences the relationship between the professional helper and the client.
  • It gives useful differentiation between working narratively and merely using stories in our dealing with people and organisations.
  • It explores the deepest link between who we are as a specie anthropologically and spiritually and how we show up as a modern specie in personal and corporate life and relationships.
  • Exploring Africa relevant worldviews to coaching and professional practice.
Course Content
The course covers, in depth, most of the terminology and ideas of narrative practice and pays particular attention to the coaching environment. Some of the ideas that are explored in theory and practice include:
  • Narrative assumptions and worldview Relational ethics Managing power
  • Externalizing Practices Positive
  • Deconstruction Appreciate ways of being
  • Developing rich descriptions
  • Remembering practices
  • Mapping influences
  • Building a sense of agency
  • Thin vs rich descriptions of identity
  • Extending conversations
Entry Requirements
Any one of the following and in order of what is most successful: Existing Practitioners in any of the professional/skilled helping modalities such as facilitation, consulting, counselling, mentorship. Existing leadership positions 3-5 years’ work experience on at least management level Preferably undergraduate degree (or a case could be made in other instances)
Other relevant continuing education short courses, particularly those part of the advance course.
Please note that the course offers both theory and practice. While practice or prior knowledge of narrative ideas is not necessary it will greatly benefit the participant to have done the course Narrative Coaching Level 1.
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General Management and Leadership Development
Who Should attend:
Decision makers, Managers and Team leaders, Coaches, Facilitators, Mentors, Mediators, Consultants, Trainers, Organisational Development and Human Resources Practitioners, Transformation and Change Management Practitioners, Cultural and Diversity Practitioners.
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