Advanced Course in Neuro Agility Plus
Online CPD Neuro Agility Profile Advanced [NAP Advanced +] Course (Open-ended)
03 Jun 2024
R 2541.00

Brief Description
Neuro-Agility is about optimizing the neurological components of learning, thinking and cognitive processes - components that are essential for people to learn quickly and easy and flex muscle in new and stressful situations. Neuro-Agility is a differentiating factor for developing talent and improving performance.
This course:
• Significantly contributes towards increased workplace engagement
• Positive impact on increasing: learning ability and agility; learning ease and speed; mental flexibility to think and adapt quickly; brain fitness, health and wellness.
• Provides the most comprehensive framework for brain performance improvement and identifying your potential
• Identifies neurophysiological components of your neurological design that can help you improve your neuro flexibility
The course consist of 2 dimensions:
• First dimension consist of neurophysiological components that influence your flexibility in thinking and learning.
• Second dimension consist of drivers that optimize your brain performance, affecting the speed and ease with which you learn
Why the NAP Advanced + Course?
• Understand your neurodesign
• Align who you are with what you do
• Identify potential (talent)
• Optimize drivers that impact brain performance
• Improve brain health
• Develop talent
• Reduce risk for human error
• Increase happiness
Learning Outcomes
• Identify learning potential (talent)
• Align your neurodesign with career and job choices
• Develop talent
• Optimize brain performance
• Identify and minimize risk for human error
• Improve employee engagement
• Accurate self-awareness (EI)
• Improve brain health
• Improve happiness
• Develop high performance teams, EI & leadership
• Think & learn faster & smarter
• Improve brain performance
• Better learning results
• Make informed job and career choices
• Clarify life purpose (Who am I?)
• Accelerate learning
• Stress & fatigue management
• Positive self-esteem
Course Content
• Online questionnaire – 180 easy questions (60 minutes)
• 29 Page online report consisting of 13 neuro-agility factors
• Automized online debriefing videos
• Group report for companies and teams about their group and design
• Translated into various versions of English, Spanish
Entry Requirements
Grade 12
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Catalogue and Category:
Health and Health Care
Who Should attend:
  • Individuals
  • Managers
  • Teams Health & Safety
  • Learning & development
  • Talent Management
  • Trainers
  • HR Practitioners
  • OD Advisors
  • Neuro Agility Practitioners
  • Medical doctors; Physiotherapists; Biokineticist Psychologists
  • Teachers
  • Brain coaches
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