Advanced Programme in Insolvency Litigation and Administration Practice
Advanced Programme in Insolvency Litigation and Administration Practice
27 Feb 2023
R 7500.00

LSSA Advanced Programme in Insolvency Litigation and Administration Practice
26 Feb 2024
R 7500.00

Brief Description
The Advanced Programme in Insolvency Litigation and Administration Practice is designed to facilitate your further legal training and development as attorney in the field of insolvency litigation and administration, or if you are looking to move into this specialised field of financial law. The course specifically covers topics of sequestration and liquidation applications, procedures for business rescue, statutory compromises, as well as intervening applications. You will also become more familiar with the impact of the Companies Act 71 of 2008 on insolvency law, practice and business rescue. This course is presented in conjunction with the Law Society of South Africa.
Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing this course, you will be able to facilitate legal education and development, and movement of attorneys into this specialised field of practice.
Course Content
  • Sequestration and liquidation applications Procedures for business rescue
  • Statutory compromises Intervening applications
  • Appeals and reviews
  • Rescinding sequestration and liquidation orders
  • Recovery of estate assets
  • Obtaining warrants in terms of Section 69 of the Insolvency Act Litigation regarding unexecuted contracts
  • Voidable dispositions Rehabilitation applications
  • Aspects relating to the Promotion of Access to Information Act The impact of the Constitution on Insolvency Law
  • Impact of the Companies Act of 2008 on Insolvency Law and practice and business rescue Insolvency administration
  • Rules regarding the application of the proceeds of the free residue
  • The proof of claims Insolvency interrogations, Compositions, Remuneration of trustees and liquidators
  • Procedures relating to the drafting and lodging of liquidation and distribution accounts
  • Procedures relating to objections against liquidation and distribution accounts The payment and collection of contributions by creditors.
  • Income tax and VAT implications in insolvent estates Review of decisions made by the Master of the High Court
Entry Requirements
Prospective delegates should at least have a Bachelors Degree as the programme will be presented on a postgraduate level and is designed for legal practitioners who practice in the field of Insolvency Law.
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Law and Human Rights
Who Should attend:
This course is ideal for you if you are a legal practitioner who wishes to specialise in Insolvency Law. Also, if you are a practising attorneys/candidate attorneys, practitioners and legal advisers.
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