Basic Course on Supervision in the Social Sciences (ONLINE)
Basic Course on Supervision in the Social Sciences (Virtual)
16 May 2023
R 4100.00

Brief Description
The rationale for this course is to equip supervisors and potential supervisors in Social Work and other professions in the Social Sciences with the basic knowledge about the goal, ethics, functions of supervision in order to improve the quality of such professionals in practice.
Learning Outcomes
Ability to describe Supervision and to distinguish from related concepts, i.e. management, coaching, mentoring.
Understanding of the importance and role of ethical behaviour in Supervision
Understanding of the contents of different supervision functions in order to apply in practice
Structuring of Supervision sessions and series
Understanding of phenomena in supervision, i.e. bonding, terminating, game-playing
Course Content
The course will cover relevant concepts on supervision, management, ethics of supervision; rationale of supervision, F=functions, phenomena, structuring of supervision.
Entry Requirements
A four-year bachelor’s of honours degree in the social sciences or equivalent qualification.

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Social and Religious Studies
Who Should attend:
Social Workers employed in public services, NGO’s and private practice. Psychologists in private practice and employed in hospitals/psychiatric hospitals.
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