Board of Directors Induction Training
Brief Description
This two-day Board of Directors Induction Training ensures that directors are provided with the insights and knowledge to become as effective as possible in their role within the shortest practicable time. 
It further explores the requirements of good corporate governance including the legislative and regulatory framework guiding the roles and responsibilities of a governing body.
Through their acquired knowledge directors will be empowered to contribute meaningfully towards the achievement of the organisation’s strategic objectives and role as a good corporate citizen.
Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing this course, you will be able to:
  • untegrate the Boards functions and capabilities with the business concepts of the organisation
  • understand the ethical and leadership requirements to be provided by the Board members
  • conduct the strategic thinking process in continuous improvement actions
  • understand and execute your responsibilities and fiduciary duties as a member of the Board
  • understand the principles of good corporate governance
  • identify and manage the risks factors the organisation is experiencing or eliminate potential risk elements
  • effectively manage the performance of the organisation
  • ensure the integrity of the required integrated budgeting and reporting
  • enhance the Boards effectiveness and efficiency in obtaining stakeholder delight.
Course Content
The course covers the following:
  • Business concepts of the organisation and the functioning of the Board
  • The Boards role in ethics and leadership mastery
  • Strategic thinking process and continuous improvement in service/product delivery
  • The composition, roles and responsibilities of the Board
  • Fiduciary duties of the Board
  • Introduction to the principles of corporate governance
  • Risk and mitigation management -governance of risk
  • Performance management - audit function and internal controls
  • Reporting obligations - integrity of integrated budgeting and reporting
  • Boards effectiveness and efficiency in obtaining stakeholder delight.
Entry Requirements
Prospective delegates should at least have relevant work experience/prior knowledge to enrol.
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Catalogue and Category:
General Management and Leadership Development
Who Should attend:
This course is ideal if you are a current or potential board member of a public or private entity.
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Contact Sessions
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