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Advanced programme in claims under standard form construction contracts
Claims for additional payment and/or extension to the time to complete the works in terms of the FIDIC 1999 (First Edition) and 2017 (Second Edition), the NEC 3 (April 2013 Edition) and NEC 4 (June 2017), GCC 2015 (Third Edition) and the JBCC (Principal Building Agreement) March 2018 (Edition 6.2) standard form construction contracts are a mechanism to manag
Start Date : 30 Sep 2022
Price : R 8 280.00
Introduction to Drones for Sustainable Mining (Blended)
Mining companies are confronted by major challenges, such as declining ore grades, volatility in commodity prices, security risks and safety concerns. Cutting-edge solutions are needed for sustainable operational excellence and technological advances and innovations. Securing our future in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) through technology; increasing
Start Date : 03 Oct 2022
Price : R 13 000.00
Construction Contracts
<div>The short course in Construction Contracts introduces you to the law of contracts and, more specifically, the various types of construction contracts used in the current South African construction and built environments. Not only will you gain exposure to different building and contractor agreements, but you will also get access to an in- depth knowledg
Start Date : 10 Oct 2022
Price : R 11 500.00
Project Quality, Risk and Time Management
<div>The Project Quality, Risk and Time Management short course presents you with a unique training experience in applying a further three of the ten Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) areas namely, Quality Management, Risk Management and Time Management directly to the construction and built environments. The course specifically aims to provide yo
Start Date : 21 Nov 2022
Price : R 11 500.00
Programme in Construction Adjudication
The Programme in Construction Adjudication provides you with a unique opportunity to examine the various initiatives being implemented in the promotion and application of construction adjudication. This has given rise to a greater need for construction and legal professionals to advise, assist and/or represent parties, and those who already practice or inten
Start Date : 24 Feb 2023
Price : R 49 000.00