Capacity Building and Preventing Burnout
Brief Description
The Capacity Building and Preventing Burnout is a training programme, specially developed to prevent entering into the different phases of burnout. The one-day training programme will create a deeper understanding of the causes and stressors, as well as the nature of stress. The principles and skills employed in this training programme will enable you to move away from the burnout condition by not only befriending the stress phenomenon, but also to improve all the available coping mechanisms to build psycho-physical and social capacity. This training programme is also relevant for people in the different phases of burnout (mild-, moderate- and severe burnout).
Learning Outcomes
  • Prevent burnout and develop the ability to move away from burnout
  • Deeper understanding of the nature of stress and burnout
  • Capacity building in psycho-physical bank accounts
  • How to handle high pressure situations and still maintain optimal performance
  • To improve balance in life and develop a deeper understanding of high performance and well-being
  • Practical guidelines and skills to maintain capacity
Course Content
  • The burnout phenomenon
  • Phases of burnout
  • Causes of stress
  • The nature of stress
  • The overload principle
  • Super recovery
  • Principles of balance
  • Psychological principles and skills
  • Mindfulness
  • Capacity building: The mental bank account
  • The emotional bank account
  • The physical bank account
  • Total well-being
Entry Requirements
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Sport, Tourism, Arts and Culture
Who Should attend:
Corporate managers and teams that have to maintain high performance under tremendous pressures and even adverse conditions
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