Career Counselling: Combining the Maree Career Matrix and the Career Interest Profile
Brief Description
This workshop will advance your theory base in career counselling to one that is more holistic and contextual. During this workshop, you will learn how to:-

  • Elicit people's 'stories' and 'scores',
  • Help them connect what they know about themselves consciously with what they are aware of subconsciously, and 
  • Facilitate crafting of their Career-Life Story Narratives (using the Maree Career Matrix and the Career Interest Profile).
Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing the workshop, you should be able to:-
  • Understand the rationale behind and need for implementing an integrative, quantitative-quantitative approach to career counselling, career development, and career decision making.
  • Administer the CIP and MCM to clients in individual and group contexts,
  • Integrate and triangulate clients' 'scores' (yielded by the MCM) and their 'stories' (yielded by the CIP), and
  • Help clients identify major career-life themes and self-estimates of their career interests and confidence in their aptitude to enact certain careers interests,
  • Interpret and integrate their 'stories' and 'scores', 
  • Connect what they know about themselves consciously with what they are aware of subconsciously, and
  • Design themselves and construct their careers.
Course Content
This one-day workshop will enable you to implement Third Wave, narrative, life-story and/or postmodern career counselling content in your practice by integrating qualitative data ('stories') with data obtained in a more traditional manner ('scores'). You will be introduced to the following new, locally developed (South African) career counselling instruments:-

The Career Interest Profile (CIP) – a qualitative instrument that enables career counsellors to identify clients’ key career-life themes; and 
The Maree Career Matrix (MCM)* – a twofold measure of career interests and self-estimates of confidence in aptitudes to follow certain careers. 

*The MCM is a classified test that was added to the list of approved tests by the Professional Board for Psychology (HPCSA) a few years ago.
Entry Requirements
Prospective delegates should at least have relevant experience as psychologists, registered counsellors, or social workers in their respective work environments.
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Human Capital Management
Who Should attend:
This workshop is ideal for you if you are a Psychologist, Psychometrist, registered Counsellor, Intern Psychologist, or Social Worker.
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Contact Sessions
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