Change Management
Change Management
21 Jul 2021
R 6325.00
Brief Description
The Change Management short course focuses on the competencies required to ensure successful change in an era where the challenges of change require managers to apply a holistic approach in change management.
Research has highlighted various reasons for change failure, including failing change management competence, resistance to change, the inability of managers to deal with resistance, poor strategic alignment, a lack of leadership visibility and support, as well as poor transition leadership.
During this course, you will learn to align yourself with best practices in managing successful change and how to lead through productive influence in times of imminent change.
Learning Outcomes
After completion of any of our Change Management courses, delegates will have the ability to:

Ensure a comprehensive understanding at organisational as well as the strategic intent
Align own area of responsibility to change vision
Communicate and influence effectively to ensure leadership team is on-board
Create focus for change in own area of responsibility
Strategic alignment
Deal with resistance to change at various levels
Formulate stakeholder communication plan
Conduct risk analysis
Conduct system analysis to determine causes for change failure 
Additional areas success requirements for mergers and acquisitions
Understand requirements for effective leadership towards successful change
Formulate SMART change objectives
Ensure resource capacity to support change strategy achievement
Communicate effectively at all levels during change
Understand requirements for effective transitions
Manage transitions
Determine critical success factors
Lead the change 
Deal with resistance to change at various levels
Course Content
The following will be covered:

Understanding the challenges of managers in change 
Requirements for successful change 
The reality of change - a suggested model 
Understanding the pressure for change creating a sense of urgency 
Ensuring buy-in and believe-in at an early stage through effective communication to the leadership team Creating focus in the right areas for successful change 
Mergers and acquisitions as strategic growth strategy 
Strategic alignment key requirement for change 
Ensuring the leadership team is on-board and aligned 
Systems analysis considering the business as a web of interrelated activities 
Stakeholder analysis and plan Change Risk management and plan 
Organizational change communication 
Critical success factors and change objectives 
Planning change ensuring resource capacity at all levels 
Managing the transition toward successful change 
Dealing with Resistance to Change at various levels
Entry Requirements
Suitable management experience at the required level
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Catalogue and Category:
Human Capital Management
Who Should attend:
Managers at middle and senior management level as well as Project and Programme Managers.
Delivery Mode:
Blended, Contact Sessions, Online
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