Civil Engineering Materials Testers Course: Asphalt Testing
Brief Description
The Asphalt testing course is a component of the Civil Engineering Materials Testers course in relation to SANS 3001-AS. The objective of the Asphalt testing course is to train candidates in the correct test methods as per industry standards. The course will also enable candidates to execute testing procedures pertaining to Pen, cutback, emulsion & modified binder materials to the latest
SANS 4001 specifications. At the end of the training course, candidates would have learnt about the theoretical and practical aspects of Asphalt testing.
The Asphalt testing course is one of six modules in the materials tester’s suite of courses. Upon completion of the Asphalt testing course, candidates may be employed in industry as a trainee material tester. After the rest of the modules are completed and adequate experience is
obtained (typically a 24-month cycle), the candidate may apply to be formally certified as a civil materials tester under the ISO 17024 standard. Thereafter, upon obtaining additional experience in the capacity of a certified materials tester, the candidate may apply for registration as a Civil
Laboratory Technical Controller (CLTC) with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA).
Learning Outcomes
At the end of the course, candidates would have covered the following tests:
1. Manufacture of test briquettes
2. Stability and flow
3. Bulk Density
4. Maximum void-less density
5. ITS
6. Binder extraction & grading
Course Content
The course program will be as follows:
Day 1
Registration, introduction, ice breaker;
Introduction to asphalt & HSE
Day 2
Multiple choice test
Theory on 2nd section- Briquette manufacture
Afternoon practical session
Day 3
Multiple choice test
Theory on 3 rd section on maximum void-less density and binder percentage
Afternoon practical session
Day 4
Multiple choice test
Theory on 4th section of Marshall testing and ITS
Afternoon practical session
Entry Requirements
Matric Certificate/NQF 4 (with mathematics)
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Catalogue and Category:
Engineering and Technology Management
Who Should attend:
Laboratory technicians, civil engineers, those working in transport engineering and road construction. Those working with civil materials from apprentice, junior, graduate level.
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Contact Sessions
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