Conflict Management
Brief Description
The Conflict Management workshop provides you with insights to the processes that occur in the brain when we are confronted with conflict in an effort to understand how emotions are perceived by individuals (also particularly in the workplace). Past experiences of conflict might lead us to develop resistance to properly handle conflict and consequently we tend to avoid conflicting situations.
During this workshop, you will gain the necessary knowledge and skills (as first-level employee right up to management) to better manage the brains typical responses to conflict in order to develop assertive behaviours that are more conducive to a win-win outcome.
Learning Outcomes
After completion of this programme, participants will be able to:
  • Analyse and diagnose their typical response to conflict situations to understand the way conflict is perceived in the brain o understand their own typical conflict behaviour
  • Understand the different conflict management styles and their outcomes
  • Analyse the typical conflict behaviour of the other person
  • Manage the typical processes in the brain and ensure a win-win attitude
  • Define a win-win outcome for every situation
  • Apply assertive communication skills to ensure win-win outcomes
  • Ensure the productivity as well as relationships benefit by the way conflict is handled
Course Content
This one day short course will cover the following topics:
1. Identifying and analysis of own typical styles and preferences in a conflict situation as a departure point and base line
2. How emotions are processed in the brain
3. Defining the balance between productivity and successful relationships
4. Strategies to manage the processing of emotions
5. Strategies to approach conflict situations to ensure a win-win outcome
Entry Requirements
National Senior Certificate (Grade 12/ Matric)
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Human Capital Management
Who Should attend:
Any employee who wants to improve his or her ability to act assertively during a conflict situation.
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Contact Sessions
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