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Online Course in Process Modelling for Business Operations
<span style="color: #000000; font-family: Calibri; font-size: 14px;">The six week self-directed online Course in Process Modelling for Business Operations will introduce you to best-practice industry process modelling standards in order to equip you with a solid understanding of practical tools and techniques for business processes modelling in preparation o
Start Date : 13 Oct 2020
Price : R 8 600.00
SPSS for Beginners (Statistical Package for Social Sciences)
<div>The SPSS for Beginners (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) short course provides you with fundamental training in the use of the the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) software widely used in statistical data analysis.&nbsp;<span style="font-style: inherit; font-weight: inherit; text-align: inherit;">During the course, you will learn b
Start Date : 22 Sep 2020
Price : R 4 370.00
Online course in Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management: Concepts, principles and terminology
<div>In today&rsquo;s competitive marketplace, organisations are under constant pressure to perform in a business environment of reduced capital, slowing growth rates, and increased shareholder demands. More than ever before, it&rsquo;s important that you need to learn the fundamentals of supply chain management to maximise the power of your organisation&rsq
Start Date : 25 Sep 2020
Price : R 6 500.00
Online Course in Demand Management in the Public Sector
Demand Management is the initial phase of Public Sector Supply Chain Management (SCM) and sets the trend for all subsequent actions that are associated with SCM. This six-week self-directed on-line course will assist learners with an understanding of the role and importance of demand management within the South African public sector SCM system to perform a v
Start Date : 28 Sep 2020
Price : R 8 600.00
Project Estimating and Procurement
<div>The short course in Project Estimating and Procurement presents you with a unique training experience in applying two of the ten Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) areas namely, Cost Management and Procurement Management directly to the construction and built environments. The course provides you with an extensive overview of aspects
Start Date : 28 Sep 2020
Price : R 11 500.00