Course in Environmental Impact Assessment Administration (Blended)
Brief Description
The Environmental Impact Assessment Administration is a 6-week mixed-mode (i.e. Internet supported as well as face-to-face) course designed to course provides you with knowledge and insights in the evaluation, management and administration of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs).
The course covers a review of EIA-related reports and applications (including applicable legislation and site investigations), setting and monitoring enforceable conditions and socioeconomic considerations in EIA for public participation.
You will not only acquire invaluable skills in assessing the adequacy and quality of all relevant EIA documents, but you will also be able to determine and identify possible deficiencies before final decisions can be made.
This course earns you credit towards the Programme in Environmental Management.
Learning Outcomes
The main aim of the course is to provide the necessary training and tools to ensure delegates are able to meet the key objectives of EIA review
  • Assess the adequacy and quality of all documents culminating in review of the EIA report
  • To take account of public comment and to take advantage of public EIA review
  • Determine if the information and process culminating in EIA sufficient for a final decision to be made Identify, as necessary, the deficiencies that must be addressed before the report can be submitted
Course Content
The course covers the following:
  • Introduction to sustainable development
  • The roles of the Constitution and of NEMA
  • Unravelling the EIA regulations
  • Administrative requirements for EIA submission
  • Screening Scoping and plan-of-study for EIA
  • Identification and analysis of environmental impact
  • Considering alternatives Impact mitigation
  • Public participation Specialist studies and handling of specialists
  • Drafting an Environmental management programmes
  • Environmental impact reporting
  • The appeals process and judicial review
  • Evaluation statement
  • Continuous evaluation of attendees takes place during the course in the form of individual and group assignments
  • In addition, there is a written examination at the end of the course
Entry Requirements
Prospective delegates should at least have a relevant post matric qualification and/or prior work experience.
Course Number:
Catalogue and Category:
Environmental Management and Geophysics
Who Should attend:
Persons involved in enforcing the EIA regulations of the National Environmental Management Act (1997).
Persons who would like to understand the way in which EIA documentation is evaluated and managed.
Delivery Mode:
Blended, Contact Sessions, Online
Contact Days: