Court Annexed Mediation Course - Online
Court Annexed Mediation Course - Online
06 Feb 2023
R 16500.00

Brief Description
The Court Annexed Mediation provides for 40hrs of training for mediators to be acquainted with the skills of being a mediator.
A mediator clothed with the requisite 40 hrs of training will be termed as an accredited mediator.
The course is dynamic and fun, that allows the candidate to role play complex legal problems and solve these issues by applying the skills that they have acquired in the course.
Learning Outcomes
To be able to successfully mediate disputes
Course Content
Module 1: Introduction to Mediation
Module 2: Becoming a Mediator
Module 3: Practical Training for obtaining skills as a mediator 
Entry Requirements
A bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
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Catalogue and Category:
Law and Human Rights
Who Should attend:
A delegate that deals with mediation practice in their daily profession.
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