Crisis and Trauma Support
Brief Description
The short course in Crisis and Trauma Support provides you with the requisite skills and knowledge as community leader, caregiver or counsellor to offer trauma support in a caring environment by assisting distressed victims in the process of recovery and healing. During the course, you will come to better understand and describe trauma in general terms, look at the impact of trauma on the lives of individuals and the community, as well as gaining insights to identify, understand and describe typical trauma situations in your community. You will also become familiar with the difference between trauma support and trauma counselling.
Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing this course, you will be equipped with counselling, healing and community transformation skills.
Course Content
Trauma in general terms, and the impact of trauma on the lives of individual people and the community. Typical trauma situations within our communities. The difference between trauma support and trauma counselling. The impact that exposure to trauma is likely to have on caregivers, and how to deal with that impact.
Entry Requirements
Prospective delegates should have experience in practical engagement in communities in areas requiring peace-making and conflict resolution.
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Social and Religious Studies
Who Should attend:
The course is ideal for you if you are a counsellor, community leader or pastor.
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Contact Sessions
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