Culture and Tourism practice and skills
Culture and Tourism practice and skills
21 Aug 2023
R 8625.00

Culture and Tourism practice and skills
20 Nov 2023
R 8625.00

Brief Description
We understand that the promotion of diverse cultures and communities is crucial for an inclusive society. Tourism is perceived to link diverse cultures and promote the consumption of cultural diversity. This module will equip you with the necessary skills to highlight the value of tourism and to give you the tools to support your career in this field. Students will gain valuable knowledge that facilitates engagement between tourists and local communities. They will be exposed to the frameworks that govern the sector, and learn about targeted marketing campaigns to increase ethical tourism that drives economic growth, and contribute to the well-being and success of a destination. The course will give students an understanding of how tourism businesses operate, how tourists behave and what impact tourism has on countries, cultures and the
environment. It is geared towards those in the tourist, travel and hospitality industries who want to develop a range of skills necessary for success in this industry.
Learning Outcomes
Students will gain an informed and nuanced understanding of practices of tourism management, heritage and cultural tourism.
They will learn about fundamentals of tourism management, including tourism product development, packaging, marketing and management.
Delegates will be exposed to practical case studies on heritage and tourism integration.
They will learn about opportunities and challenges of enterprise development and commercialisation of heritage resources and cultural tourism.
They will learn about the governance and regulatory systems.
Delegates will be introduced to the National Tourism Recovery Plan and its implementation.
Course Content
Tourism Basics.
Heritage and Tourism Integration: Society, culture and cultural tourism.
Packaging of heritage resources for Tourism Consumption.
Information technology for tourism.
Unlocking the Economic and Tourism Potential of heritage resources.
Entrepreneurship and small business management Tourism management.
Challenges and opportunities in the tourism sector.
Unpacking and Problematising the National Tourism Recovery Plan in response to COVID-19.
Ethics and law for the tourism industry.
Entry Requirements
Access to a computer and internet, proficiency in English

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Sport, Tourism, Arts and Culture
Who Should attend:
Museum personnel, Tourism Officials, tour guides, heritage practitioners, cultural practitioners.
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