Editing Principles and Practice
Brief Description
The Editing Principles and Practice workshop-styled course provides you with the requisite skills and knowledge to use language as a tool to better present content and information to a relevant readership or target market. The course includes a brief revision of English grammar and problems that are frequently found in South African writing. You will also gain a better understanding of register and tone, structuring of arguments and the sectioning of content (chunking) for better logic. During the course, you will be guided through hands-on exercises and gain exposure to a variety of texts for a wide scope of editing opportunities.
Learning Outcomes
After completion of this course, students should be able to:
  • edit a text grammatically, logically and idiomatically;
  • identify and adjust tone and register for a specific target audience;
  • adapt and plain-language edit a text for a given target audience;
  • edit a translated text in order to ensure faithfulness and idiomatic expression;
  • edit according to academic/journal specification; and
  • apply the basics of electronic editing.
Course Content
1. Grammar terminology revision
2. Identification and correction of specific errors
3. Register and tone
4. Blurb and brochure writing
5. Advanced copy editing
6. The SA language context and target audience
7. Translation theory
8. Editing of a translation
9. Editing according to specification
10. Plain-language editing theory and application
11. Ethics
Entry Requirements
An entrance examination at the discretion of the course leader.
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Marketing, Communication and Languages
Who Should attend:
Active language practitioners
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Contact Sessions
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