Employee Wellness Course: Fitness for Work
Employee Wellness Course: Fitness for Work
21 Nov 2023
R 8500.00

Brief Description

The short course in Employee Wellness provides you with the essential insights and knowledge of Employee Wellness Programmes (EAPs) and their important role in ensuring happy and satisfying places of work. Employees are an important aspect of profitability in organisations, and it has been found that happy employees are productive employees. This course specifically focuses on the role of the Supervisor in the application of interpersonal skills to improve employee productivity while also enhancing employee social functioning by focusing on Fitness for Work. During this course Supervisors will be educated on what causes impairment in Fitness for work, how to identify early warning signs when employees are impaired, and they will also be given tools on how to assess the level of risk of the employee.

Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Gain management support
  • Manage fitness for work in the workplace
  • Manage individuals who are not fit for work
  • Recognise fitness for work problems
  • Create a fitness for work culture in your organization
  • Enhance the wellness program
Course Content
This course is a 3-day program that will provide the participants with the following knowledge and skills:
  • Knowledge of the organisation’s approach to managing "fitness for work" in general and fatigue in particular.
  • Develop the skills and attitudes necessary to manage “fitness for work” in a constructive manner (in particular to encourage employees to report when they or others are not Fit for Work).
  • Identifying signs and assess those individuals who may not be fit for work.
  • Providing appropriate support to assist the individual address the causes of their fitness for work issues.
  • Referring into the current EAP or other assistance or intervention programs.
  • Appropriate documentation of intervention in fitness for work issues.
  • Developing a “Fitness for work” culture in their work-groups.

This Supervisor training programme helps to develop the skills and attitudes necessary to manage fitness for work in a constructive manner, to identify & assess the signs when individuals may be unfit for work and to provide them with appropriate support.

Entry Requirements

Any person who is currently in a Supervisory, Management or Leadership role in a Company, or any prospective employee who is being promoted into such a role.

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Social and Religious Studies
Who Should attend:
This course is ideal for you if you are a health and wellness or EAP professional responsible for the promotion of employee wellness in the workplace. (Prior professional training is recommended.)
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Contact Sessions, Online
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