English as a Foreign language – IELTS preparation
Brief Description
The University of Pretoria, together with Enterprises University of Pretoria, offers international students the chance to learn English at one of the top universities in South Africa. Students can become part of an exciting, vibrant campus and experience student life while improving their English skills.
The English as a Foreign Language (EFL) course aims to improve the basic English proficiency of international students from countries in which English is not used as an official language. Our course series is offered at six levels: beginner, elementary, per-intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate and IELTS preparation.
Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the course students:
  • Can effectively skim and scan academic texts for both general and specific meaning.
  • Can identify and understand main and supporting arguments in academic texts.
  • Can write essays in a variety of academic text styles, such as argumentative and cause-effect.
  • Can interpret and describe statistical data.
  • Can write reports based on the analysis of graphs and charts.
  • Can evaluate and self-correct own speaking.
  • Can express and defend opinions on a broad range of topics.
  • Can demonstrate understanding of gist and detail when listening to academic discourse.
Course Content
  • Reading skills
  • Writing skills
  • Listening skills
  • Speaking skills
  • Critical thinking skills
Entry Requirements
English proficiency at upper-intermediate level. Students will be given a proficiency test to confirm their level

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Marketing, Communication and Languages
Who Should attend:
The courses are ideal for international students planning to enrol at an English-medium university or wanting to work in an English environment.
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