Enhanced GROW Coaching
Brief Description
The short course in Enhanced GROW Coaching provides you with the knowledge and practical skills to apply the GROW coaching model in executive coaching for leadership, management and teams, performance coaching and the structuring of mentoring conversations. The course looks at coaching approaches that are relevant to organisational and personal settings, but specifically focuses on the topics of meaning, purpose and spirituality (particularly workplace spirituality and cultural sensitivity). During the course, you will also explore the coaching context as framed by spiritual aspects in order to enhance your and your mentees self-awareness and commitment to progress, solutions, actions and activities.
Learning Outcomes
  • Participants will get adequate training on between one to three coaching models with the GROW coaching model prominently featured.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of advanced goal-setting and decision making processes.
  • Learn about executive concerns (including corporate leadership and management topics)
  • Master fundamentals of performance
  • Gain operational understanding of groups and teams and how they differ
  • Integrate concerns around meaning, purpose, and spirituality into coaching
Course Content
In addition to the brief description offered the GROW model is extended (under the rubric of Methodology) with contemporary adult learning theories and participatory action methodology principles (as found in formal research and Organisational Development (OD) practices.
Under coaching contexts participants will also engage in relevant learning experiences on other topics that will shift on a yearly basis depending on the groups interest. These include Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Alignment Coaching and other topic-centred coaching perspectives.
The course sees participants engage a number of highly relevant conversations regarding the principles of coaching and common corporate or organisational subject matter ranging, self-directed learning, from advanced goal-setting to corporate reverse engineering.
It is part of the gist of the course to cross boundaries and bring to conversation spirituality, values and similar topics to prominent discourses in society and organisations.
Entry Requirements
Any one of the following and in order of what is most successful:
  • Existing Practitioners in any of the professional/skilled helping modalities such as facilitation, consulting, counselling, mentorship.
  • Existing leadership positions 3-5 years work experience on at least management level
  • Preferably undergraduate degree (or a case could be made in other instances) Other relevant continuing education short courses
Course Number:
Catalogue and Category:
General Management and Leadership Development
Who Should attend:
Decision makers, Managers and Team leaders, Coaches, Facilitators, Mentors, Mediators, Consultants, Trainers, Organisational Development and Human Resources Practitioners, Transformation and Change Management Practitioners, Cultural and Diversity Practitioners.
Delivery Mode:
Contact Sessions
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