Enterprises UP hosts first breakfast session between stakeholders and CEO

Monday, August 7, 2023

Enterprises University of Pretoria hosted a breakfast engagement session with our Chief Executive Officer, Dr Elmar de Wet and network of partners on 4 August 2023 at Enterprises Building. The session was held in an effort to strengthen relationships with stakeholders as well as give an overview of the company’s strategic focus for 2023 and beyond.

CEO of Enterprises UP, Dr Elmar de Wet said that the session was an opportunity to share an understanding about the company and provide an overview of the business and our services to the guests in attendance, some of which were already familiar to them. During his presentation, he said “I share these figures with you so you can get a sense of where you play together with us in a certain area. We try to position ourselves as solution providers and to be the solution driver of choice. We try to find a balance between people like yourself and people in the university. Some of you work with us exclusively in specific areas but we are more and more trying to position projects out there for an industry that is a combination of university people and people like yourself.” Dr. de Wet continued “through sessions such as this morning’s we can start working on projects and potentially we can do more, we can do better to transfer knowledge that can help people make better decisions. We work with academics in the university that operate like that. That are constantly busy with knowledge creation and knowledge application.”

The session, albeit informal, yielded discussions about the collaborative efforts between Enterprises UP and our respective partners, both past and present. This was also an opportunity for stakeholders to network amongst each other outside of the formalities of boardrooms or meetings. We certainly look forward to hosting more such sessions in continued efforts to build and establish long-lasting relationships with our clientele and stakeholders.