Environmental Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement (Blended)
Environmental Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement (Blended)
08 May 2024
R 15000.00

Brief Description
The Environmental Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement is a 6-week mixed-mode (i.e. Internet supported as well as face-to-face) course designed to prepare you with knowledge and insights to align company policies and objectives to current environmental legislation to ultimately minimise liabilities and interact with audit, inspection and enforcement processes.
Environmental legislation seeks to protect our natural resources and, during this course, you will acquire the know-how to optimally interact with laws and regulations to ensure sustainability. The course covers further aspects of both industrial and wildlife-related environmental activities, and encompasses legal perspectives on environmental compliance monitoring and enforcement implications for the regulated community. This course earns you credit towards the Programme in Environmental Management.
Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing this course you will be able to:
  • assess the activities of your company within the context of existing environmental legislation
  • perform an internal audit of the processes of their company with respect to legal compliance
  • manage the liabilities of you company with respect to environmental legislation, and interact with the authorities during and after inspections.
Course Content
The course covers the following:
  • Internal and external audit: the ISO 14001 process
  • Overview of several acts (including waste, biodiversity, water, mining and coastal management) with a focus on environmental liabilities Environmental inspection and compliance enforcement
  • Administrative mechanisms of enforcement
  • directives and compliance notices Relevant provisions of PAIA and PAJA Criminal law: law of evidence and criminal enforcement action
  • Integrated environmental management plans
  • the use of ISO14001Evaluation and assessment
  • Continuous evaluation of attendees takes place during the course in the form of individual and group assignments
  • In addition, there is a written examination at the end of the course
Entry Requirements
Prospective delegates should at least have a relevant post-matric qualification and/or prior work experience.
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Catalogue and Category:
Environmental Management and Geophysics
Who Should attend:
This course is ideal for government officials, as well as individuals who are involved in internal legal compliance audits individuals and students who are involved in environmental legal compliance in industry, local government, 
Provincial or central government
Managers of companies that have activities with environmental impact or environmental managers that are subject to environmental inspection by the authorities managers of companies that wish to ensure that they are environmentally compliant
Delivery Mode:
Blended, Contact Sessions, Online
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