Environmental Management and Geophysics

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GIS Professional Practice
<div>The short course in GIS Professional Practice covers the guidelines for professional practice as prescribed by the South African Council for Professional Land and Technical Surveyors (PLATO). </div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div> During the course, you will gain a better understanding of all facets pertinent to professional practice in the Geographic Inf
Start Date : 22 Sep 2020
Price : R 13 500.00
Environmental Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement (Blended)
<div><span>The Environmental Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement is a 6-week mixed-mode (i.e. Internet supported as well as face-to-face) course designed to prepare you with knowledge and insights to align company policies and objectives to current environmental legislation to ultimately minimise liabilities and interact with audit, inspection and enforcem
Start Date : 01 Oct 2020
Price : R 11 000.00
Environmental Management and Regulation
<span>The Environmental Management and Regulation short course provides you with essential training in new regulatory developments to better navigate a range of complex issues related to environmental resources and extortion. The course covers a wide range of topics, including both legal and biological aspects of environmental management, ecological framewor
Start Date : 05 Oct 2020
Price : R 12 500.00
Introductory Remote Sensing: Physical Principles and Digital Image Processing
<div><span>This introductory remote sensing course provides an introduction to the physical principles of satellite remote sensing, and basic remote sensor data processing. In particular, this includes:</span></div> <div><span></span></div> <ul> <li><span>examining the basic physics of electromagnetic (EM) radiation and the complex interactions of radiat
Start Date : 06 Oct 2020
Price : R 7 500.00
Water Quality Management and Effluent Treatment
<div><span>The course will help us address the following challenges facing the water sector of South Africa:</span></div> <ul> <li><span>Managing the emergence of the Water Availability crisis in Southern Africa </span></li> <li><span>Evaluation of Water Fitness for Use</span></li> <li><span>Management and design for resilience</span></li> <l
Start Date : 19 Oct 2020
Price : R 14 550.00