Account name Enterprises University of Pretoria (Pty) Ltd
Account number 40-8782-3354
Type of account Cheque / Current
Branch code 632005
Reference number Surname, initials and telephone number

The following payment methods are accepted:

  • Electronic transfer (EFT)
  • Credit Card

Please note: Cash payments will not be accepted.


Alternative financing options are available through Fundi – South Africa’s leading education finance and education fund management specialist and the only credit provider that focuses on providing funds for education. Apply for an education loan at, or contact +27 (0)860 55 55 44 for more information. Terms and conditions apply.

Enrolment and payment of fees

  • Upon enrolment of any course presented by Enterprises University of Pretoria, delegates must submit a proof of payment to
  • Course fees must be paid in full 14 days prior to course start dates to reserve a delegate’s seat.
  • Enterprises University of Pretoria reserves the right to revoke admission to a course without full payment upon which a delegate’s enrolment will be cancelled.
  • All payments must reflect an invoice number and/or ID number of enrolled delegates.
  • Course fees funded by an institution (including an employer) on behalf of a delegate, must be accompanied by supporting documentation (e.g. official purchase order).
  • Enterprises University of Pretoria further reserves the right to withhold access to any course and/or a delegate’s results and certificate if full payment has not been received.

Delegates’ responsibilities

  • Delegates must inform Enterprises University of Pretoria of any change of personal and/or payment information as supplied on their enrolment forms.
  • Delegates confirm that they comply with and fully understand the particular admission requirements of a course upon enrolment.
  • Delegates confirm their willingness to enrol for a course and accept all responsibilities for payment of relevant course fees.
  • Delegates will abide by the assessment criteria for courses as set out in the course material.
  • Delegates confirm that they understand that it is against the University of Pretoria’s policy to commit any form of plagiarism (i.e. publishing or putting the work or ideas of other forward as their own). Further details on the University of Pretoria’s policy on plagiarism can be downloaded here.
  • Delegates will abide by the general code of conduct for students of the University of Pretoria.


  • Enterprises University of Pretoria reserves the right to revoke admission to a course if the criteria for enrolment as stipulated in the course information have not been met in full.
  • The language of instruction for all courses is English, unless otherwise stated.
  • Library facilities of the University of Pretoria will not be available to delegates and the University has no responsibility to provide delegates access to any of its library facilities.
  • In the event of any dispute, of any nature whatsoever, arising between a delegate and Enterprises University of Pretoria, South African law will apply and the appropriate courts of South Africa will preside over jurisdiction.
  • All intellectual property rights (i.e. rights in text, recordings, pictures or other licensed materials) vests with the University of Pretoria, and delegates may not reproduce or distribute any such material.

For further assistance in obtaining full the terms and conditions in either hard copy or electronically, or to obtain full copies of any policy or other documentation, please contact Enterprises University of Pretoria at

  • Enterprises University of Pretoria reserves the right to refuse admission to a course, in which case delegates will be informed accordingly and applicable fees will be refunded where required.
  • Cancellations from delegates are accepted in writing and without penalty up to 14 days prior to course start dates.
  • Notification of cancellations must be submitted in writing via email to or faxed to +27 (0)12 434 2505.
  • Delegates who cancel outside the approved cancellation period will not be entitled to any refunds, unless they are unable to attend as a result of reasons out of their control (e.g. hospitalisation) or where, at sole discretion of Enterprises University of Pretoria, it is rendered impossible for delegates to attend a particular course.

Security and privacy

  • Enterprises University of Pretoria is committed to the protection of the privacy of all delegates.
  • Personal information will only be made available where Enterprises University of Pretoria is statutorily complied to do so, or for purposes of communication between Enterprises University of Pretoria and delegates to give effect to the processing and presentation of relevant courses.
  • Delegates accept full responsibility for the protection and use of any passwords provided to them for access to Enterprises University of Pretoria management information systems.
  • Delegates further give consent that personal information may be used for communication about their enrolments an/or related activities, as well as for statistical and marketing purposes and that they have the right to terminate this use at any time in writing to Enterprises University of Pretoria.


  • Neither Enterprises University of Pretoria nor any of its agents or representatives shall be held liable for any personal accidents, illness, losses or damage to private property of delegates on any course.
  • This includes traveling to and from venues, as well as shuttle services to and from hotels or other places of accommodation.
  • Personal insurance coverage for health, accidents, loss of luggage or trip cancellations is strongly recommended for all delegates.


  • Unforeseen circumstances may necessitate the appointment of course presenters other than those advertised as part of course proceedings.
  • Course dates, programme sequence, time and venues are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Where delegates are not satisfied with any such changes, Enterprises University of Pretoria will, at its sole discretion, consider refunding delegates either partly or in full for attended courses.

Training Solutions

Yes, you must attend all classes. If you neglect to attend your scheduled classes, you could jeopardise the outcome of your final results on modules that were not attended.

In the event of illness, a valid and appropriate medical certificate must be submitted to your relevant course coordinator. If you cannot attend classes due to unforeseen circumstances, you should duly notify the course coordinator in writing accompanied with a motivation of absence before you will be allowed to reregister and attend classes on another course.

You can submit your assignments by one of the following ways:

  1. Hand delivery

Hardcopies can be delivered by hand to the Assignment Box, Graduate Centre Reception, Hatfield Campus, University of Pretoria (Office hours: Mon–Fri from 07:30–13:00).

  1. Mail

Hardcopies can be addressed and mailed to the Assessment Office, Enterprises University of Pretoria, Private Bag X41, Hatfield, 0028, South Africa.

  1. Courier

Hardcopies can be delivered by courier to the Assessment Office, Enterprises University of Pretoria, Enterprise Building, 140 Lunnon Street, Hillcrest, Pretoria, 0083 (Office hours: Mon–Fri from 08:00–16:30).

  1. Email

Digital copies can be emailed to as one attachment in PDF format only.

Please take note:

  • All assignments must be accompanied by the appropriate assignment covers. You may be penalised for assignments with incomplete information/wrong cover pages.
  • If you are attending a course that consists of multiple modules, assignments will be collected during registration at determined venues where you can sign for proof of submission.
  • Assignments for the last module of a course should be submitted to the Assignment Box as stipulated above.
  • We do not accept faxed assignments.

It is your responsibility to attach proof or evidence of any special arrangements with regards to assignments (or tests), including the use of alternative cover pages. Should you submit an assignment with the incorrect course details/assignment covers, and the assignment needs to be resent to a course leader/presenter for the marking thereof, your assignment will be seen as a late submission.

You are also required to keep copies of all your assignments. No assignment, once submitted, can be handed back to you to make changes. Marked assignments will be archived for one academic year only.

You should submit your assignments before 16:30 on the due date for it not to be considered as a late submission. Late assignments can be submitted by email to or by any of the methods specified under How do I submit my individual or group assignments?

You should submit a late assignment in the prescribed format as provided in your course file. No late submissions will be accepted after two weeks from the initial due date. The highest final mark that may be awarded for a late submission is 50%, unless stipulated otherwise.

Please remember to submit proof of circumstances with your late submission where such arrangements have been made.

You can arrange to view your assignments or test from our Assessment Office within the first week of receiving your results. Marked assignments and test can be viewed by prior arrangement only, at a cost of R250.00 per assignment/test on Thursdays between 12:00 and 13:00 at our premises.

Please make arrangements for viewings well in advance by email ( accompanied by a proof of payment to ensure that your assignments or tests are available in time. (Assignments and tests are stored off-site and need to be retrieved accordingly.)

Click here for banking details.

Please take note:

  • Assignments are archived for one year only.
  • Under no circumstances will copies be made of assignments/tests, nor will assignments/tests be emailed or faxed to delegates.

Your results will be made available via email or under your portfolio report on our Training Solutions app once you are registered and logged in. Please make sure that your email address is correct on your enrolment/registration form once you enrol for a course.

Login details for the app (delegate portal) will be supplied to you once you are successfully enrolled in a course.

Please take note:

  • No results will be made available over the telephone.
  • Results will only be made available once you have paid the course fees in full.
  • In order to complete the requirements of the assessment process, at least six to eight weeks should be allowed from submission due dates before results will be made available.

If you have obtained a mark of between 40% and 49.4% for an assignment, you may qualify for a resubmission and will be notified accordingly when your results are made available. The highest final mark that may be awarded in the case of a resubmission, however, is 50%.

You may also be required to reregister for a module if you obtained a final mark of less than 40%. Modules that include both group and individual assignments, will be left to the sole discretion of the course leader/presenter in terms of allowing a resubmission.

You can apply for a resubmission by email to Once you have received confirmation of your resubmission, you can submit your assignment by any of the methods specified under How do I submit my individual or group assignments?

Applications can also be submitted for reregistration of a module. Please obtain this information from you relevant course coordinator. Please note that a fee will be payable if you need to reregister for a module.

Please take note:

  • Due dates for resubmissions are two weeks after results are made available.
  • Only one resubmission per assignment will be allowed.

You can enquire directly with the Assessment Office with regards to marked assignments by email to with your ID number, initials and surname as reference.

For results, you can contact the Results Office at with your ID number, initials and surname for further assistance.

Yes, you can submit an application of recognition together with proof of successful completion on modules or subjects at least one week prior to the start date of a relevant module. However, class attendance is still compulsory even after recognition for modules have been granted. You will be notified in writing once recognition has been granted.

Please take note:

  • No application will be considered if handed in after the module has already taken place.
  • Recognition for modules passed will only be allowed for 50% of the required module.
  • No exemption will be granted for a module if a delegate did not successfully complete a programme/short course.

Yes, if the source of your information is properly cited and the author(s) of the work is acknowledged accordingly. You may be found guilty of plagiarism if you extract information from a book, article or webpage without the proper acknowledgements or if you present someone else’s work as your own.

This does not only apply to cases where you quote sources verbatim, but also when you present such work in a somewhat amended format. Similarly, you are also not allowed to use another delegate’s work and present it as your own.

As such, you are not allowed to let anyone copy or use your work with the intention of presenting it as their own either. If you are suspected of plagiarism, the case will be referred to the course leader and your results may be withheld until further notice.

Please take note:

Plagiarism is considered as a serious violation of the University of Pretoria’s regulations – please refer to the University’s policy with regards to plagiarism here.

Yes, you can send a request to that includes your ID number, initials, surname and details about the course you attended. If you have attended a course more than two years ago, you will be required to pay a fee of R350.00 per certificate, irrespective of the reason for the loss of your certificate. We might not, however, be able to assist with reprints of certificates for courses prior to 2000.

Please provide us with the following documents with your request:

  • Copy of your ID document
  • An affidavit from your local police station
  • Proof of payment (when applicable)

Click here
for banking details. (Please use “Certificates” as a reference.)

Your certificate will be issued as soon as possible after the required documents have been received and you will be informed in writing once your certificate is ready for collection/delivery.

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