Forensic Investigation
Brief Description
The short course in Forensic Investigation provides you with the practical skills and requisite knowledge to better understand the basics of governing legalities and technicalities in executing sound forensic investigations. The course covers topics of how to deal with interviews, evidence and suspects in such a manner that subsequent judicial scrutiny will uphold and that the obtained evidence can be admitted to a disciplinary hearing or court of law. By following a case- study approach, issues within the fraud risk management scenario are addressed in order to effectively manage the prevention, detection and investigation of fraud and corruption within any organisation
Learning Outcomes
Delegates will be able to conduct successful forensic investigations
Course Content
The course also covers the following topics:Anti-money laundering laws and regulationsMoney laundering schemes and case studiesCybercrime trends, Internet & computer related economic crime schemesConduct criminalised in the digital environment, Investigations in the digital environment, The acquisition of electronic evidence in a forensically sound manner, The interception of communications,Legal duties pertaining to the protection of data,Corruption and procurement fraud,Financial statement and other types of management fraud,Relevant legal principles when conducting investigationsBe able to act within and to comply with the law.Obstacles in an investigation, e.g. privilege Minimize the risk of the employers liability for unlawful actions. The investigation of financial crimeThe tools available in that regard,Basic techniques to detect and investigate financial crimes.The seizure and preservation of evidence by a financial investigatorInvestigative methodologies.Investigative tools, including non-conventional techniques used in the private & law enforcement sectors.The tracing of undeclared/hidden assets.Financial ratio-analysis.Protecting the product of the investigation.
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Financial Management and Taxation
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