Enterprises University of Pretoria has developed solutions to assist organisations demystify the 4IR focusing on two key areas, namely, what emerging technologies could be applicable to their future and how will such impact their future, ascend how should organisations, in general, arrange themselves to better cope with the implications of the 4IR.

In assisting organisations to better understand their own “Future Fit” for the world of work of tomorrow, Enterprises UP has developed two solutions, Emerging Technologies and Emerging world of work-being “Future Fit”.


Solution 1: Emerging technologies

  •   Assisting organisations in identifying those technologies in the wave that applies to them specifically
  •   Design and operation of simulation models
  •   Enterprises UP provides a perspective by utilising a cloud-based search platform that generates a universal view on new/emerging technologies for the specific sector/industry wherein the organisation operates.
  •   Identifying how the workforce could be disrupted, what skillsets will be required, what jobs could become redundant and what new jobs could emerge.

Solution 2: Emerging world of work- being “Future Fit”

Due to the radical change, heightened complexity, ambiguity and widening seamlessness, EUP is committed to assist with a systematic response to the new context that moves away from only focusing on emerging technologies towards aspects such as:

  • Organisational identity – What will be the purpose/reason for existence for an organisation?
  • Organisational success – What characteristics and outcomes will define organisational success?
  • Client experience/satisfaction – What will be needed to ensure clients are satisfied?
  • Organisational design – How should organisations be configured to deal with the magnified impact of change?
  • Leadership – What type of leadership styles and attributes will be required?
  • Employee engagement - What value propositions will be important for employees?
  • Culture and climate – What should we look like and how must we behave?
 Value proposition

Enterprises University of Pretoria has the ability to provide business-to-business solutions across the full life cycle of services from project conceptualisation to delivery and capacity building using scientific evidence as basis. Our industry experts and specialists will bring independent opinions to the table relating to aspects such as forecasting knowledge management, analysing of data and the auditing of skills. These insights will prompt an audit of available against what the future requires, enabling organisations to prepare accordingly to fill the gaps. A three hour session with the Organisational leadership to explain in more depth the expected characteristics and dimensions required of the organisation of the future. A five day journey within an organisation to conduct a high-level readiness assessment related to their own “Future Fitness”.