Free Surface Flow Modelling
Brief Description
The course will focus on the theory and analyses of practical free surface flow problems. The basic theory of free surface flow, mass; energy and momentum conservation, will be reviewed and the application to determine flood lines, culvert sizing, bridge flow hydraulics and dam break analysis will be covered. The widely used HEC-RAS software package will be reviewed and demonstrated by performing one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) hydraulic calculations for steady and unsteady flow conditions as well as dam break analysis. Delegates will learn how to approach and construct a numerical (1D & 2D) model for various flow conditions, and to effectively view and analyse results. A number of practical problems will be discussed and solved. This will acquaint participants with background and confidence to conduct various flow simulations.
Learning Outcomes
The objectives of the course are to provide a theoretical sound background in hydraulic analyses and a greater understanding of numerical modelling. This will be achieved by conveying the theory in easy to understand presentations and reinforcing the understanding and application by problem solving. The participants will master the numerical modelling software HEC-RAS by working through practical exercises for 1D and 2D problems with guidance from the presenters.
Course Content
Course attendees will gain a detailed understanding of:
  • Basic hydraulics (flow regimes, controls and losses).
  • Surface drainage (backwater calculations, flood lines).
  • Learn to use the popular software package by the U.S.
  • Army Corps of Engineers HEC-RAS for performing 1D hydraulic calculations such as steady and unsteady flow simulations and analysing drainage structures.
  • Gain hands-on HEC-RAS experience by participating in practical computer workshops.
  • Learn from real world projects and applications.
Entry Requirements
National Senior Certificate (Grade 12)
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Engineering and Technology Management
Who Should attend:
Persons in the planning, design and management of flood and storm water related structures would benefit from this course. This is a course recommended for novice users.
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Contact Sessions
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