Geotechnical Engineering Practitioner Application [Chamber of Mines Paper 2]
Brief Description
Under the current Mine Health and Safety Act (1996) a competent person within the rock engineering field is a person in possession of the Chamber of Mines Certificate in Rock Engineering. The modules covered within this programme will assist candidates writing the examination. The programme will be a preparation programme covering the written components thereof as well as the final practical assessment. The modules cover the theory for all commodities as well as the application of the theory in each commodity. The candidate will then have a choice to specialise within one of the four mining methods available under the Chamber of Mines Certificate in Rock Engineering namely; Tabular - Hard Rock, Tabular - Soft Rock, Massive Underground Mining or Surface mining. The programme will also include a session for preparation on the practical exam.This programme offers the candidate contact sessions with a specialist in the field, allowing focused time on the module content without work related obligations. Practical knowledge and experience are shared within the sessions, allowing peer-to-peer learning. Problem areas and typical complex topics will be discussed as knowledge transfer is promoted.
Learning Outcomes
The course will be aimed at developing the candidates abilities in the six cognitive levels; knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Thus, when being examined on the topics detailed in this syllabus, candidates would be able to demonstrate their capacity for: Comprehending and understanding the general rock engineering principles covered in this syllabus and applying these to solve real world mining problems; Applying fundamental scientific knowledge, comprehension and understanding to predict the behaviour of rock materials in real world mining environments; Performing creative procedural design and synthesis of mine layouts and support systems to control and influence rock behaviour and rock failure processes; Using engineering methods and understanding of the uses of computer packages for the computation, modelling, simulation, and evaluation of mining layouts; Communicating, explaining and discussing the reasoning, methodology, results and ramifications of all the above aspects in a professional manner at all levels.
Course Content
This is a general module covering basic rock engineering practice applicable in all types of mining environment. The rock engineering knowledge required here is thus of a fundamental nature, and is not specific to any particular type of mining. Topics include:a. Geotechnical characteristics,b. Rock & rockmass behaviour,c. Fundamental principles of mining layouts and mining layout design,d. Mining support and mining support design,e. Investigation and evaluation,f. Drilling and blasting,g. Legal compliance and general management
Entry Requirements

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Engineering and Technology Management
Who Should attend:
  • geotechnical engineers who are involved in the design, implementation, and management of mining infrastructure and facilities.
  • Professionals who work in the mining industry, such as mine managers, mining engineers, and geologists.
  • civil engineers, geotechnical engineers, and environmental engineers.
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Contact Sessions
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