Geotechnical Laboratory Testing
Brief Description
The Geotechnical Laboratory Testing workshop is ideal if you are seeking to improve your knowledge on the specification of geotechnical soil tests, interpretation of data and the ability to judge the quality of laboratory test results as civil engineering or engineering geology practitioner. The workshop specifically covers the application of the triaxial, shearbox, oedometer and Rowe cell tests. You will gain invaluable knowledge on the importance of instrumentation for laboratory testing and guidance on typical strength, stiffness and permeability values of soils and how to recognise poor test results. Different sampling techniques and causes of sampling disturbances are also addressed.
Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing this course, you should be able to specify the appropriate test and drainage conditions for different geotechnical conditions be able to identify typical stress paths for different soil types understand the importance of instrumentation in the context of laboratory testing of soils recognise poor laboratory test data, and understand the advantages and limitations of different soil sampling techniques.
Course Content
Instrumentation for laboratory testing. Geotechnical soil tests including the triaxial test, shearbox test, oedometer test and Rowe cell test. Evaluation of typical stress paths for soil. Overview of typical strength, stiffness and permeability values of soils and how to recognise poor test result. Sampling of soils.
Entry Requirements
Prospective delegates should ideally hold a degree in civil engineering or engineering geology, with undergraduate knowledge of soil mechanics.
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Engineering and Technology Management
Who Should attend:
This course is ideal for you if you are a post graduate students studying towards their Honours Degrees in Geotechnical Engineering at the University of Pretoria, or a civil engineering or engineering geology graduate who has completed an undergraduate course in soil mechanics, or a senior engineer interested in improving your knowledge of geotechnical laboratory testing.
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