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Online Conference in Neuroscience
Neuroscience is the scientific study of the nervous system and it is an interdisciplinary science that collaborates with other fields such as chemistry, computer science, engineering, linguistics, mathematics, medicine and allied disciplines, philosophy, physics, and psychology. The scope of neuroscience has broadened to include different approaches used to
Start Date : 28 Sep 2020
Price : R 450.00
Health Technology Assessment in Practice
Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is the study of medical, social, organizational, ethical and economic implications of development, diffusion and use of health technology.It is a multidisciplinary field of policy analysis and encompasses the assessment of the quality, safety, efficacy, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of healthcare intervention and tec
Start Date : 05 Oct 2020
Price : R 9 000.00
Occupational Hygiene Legal Knowledge
The Occupational Hygiene Legal Knowledge short course will provide you with the required legal and working knowledge of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 (and relevant amendments) in order to prepare and apply for Approved Inspection Authorities (AIA) and/or SANSISO 17020 certification from the Department of Labour. Aimed at occupati
Start Date : 05 Oct 2020
Price : R 11 240.00
Research Ethics in Health and Health Care
<span>The two-day workshop in Research Ethics in Health and Health Care provides you with a guided process in the exploration of theoretical frameworks for conducting ethically sound research in the medical and health sciences industry. The workshop specifically looks at aspects of the scope and need of research ethics, risks to people, animals and the envir
Start Date : 12 Nov 2020
Price : R 4 200.00
Online Advance Course in Neuroscience Coaching
Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Training, Neuro-Link and Enterprises University of Pretoria offers training to consultants, professionals and organizations with our highly acclaimed emotional intelligence and leadership courses to equip clients, patients, students, workers, athletes, managers and leaders to develop their potential, improve their perfor
Start Date : 07 Dec 2020
Price : R 12 500.00