Heritage Studies and Skills
Heritage Studies and Skills
25 Jul 2023
R 8625.00

Heritage Studies and Skills
31 Oct 2023
R 8625.00

Brief Description
In addition to understanding what it means to work in the heritage sector, students will look at issues in heritage theory, policy and practice through an engagement with a series of public spaces and heritage sites, consumption and the city. Students will be introduced to basic financial management, grant writing and heritage and environment legislation. They will gain an understanding the definition of heritage and its various forms. (tangible, intangible, movable immovable).
Learning Outcomes
Delegates will understand regulatory frameworks of this sector.
They will engage with tangible and intangible heritage, working towards understanding the importance of oral traditions and heritage practices of the ordinary.
They will be introduced to the field of Indigenous Knowledge Systems.
They will learn about heritage assessments.
They will be able to understand the legal and administrative framework around heritage and the built environment.
They will be introduced to the intersection of heritage and environmental challenges.
They will learn about ethical heritage practice.
Course Content
Why does heritage matter?
Tangible, intangible, movable / immovable heritage.
Heritage and the built environment.
Digitisation of heritage and the 4IR (Fourth Industrial Revolution).
Heritage governance and regulatory framework.
Heritage assessments.
Ethical heritage practice.
Introduction to Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS).
Entry Requirements
Access to a computer and internet, proficiency in English

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Sport, Tourism, Arts and Culture
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Museum personnel, Tourism Officials, tour guides, heritage practitioners, cultural practitioners
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