Implementation of Augmentative and Alternative Communication for Inclusive Education
Brief Description
The Implementation of Augmentative and Alternative Communication for Inclusive Education short course focuses on training speech language pathologists and education specialists in providing necessary support to learners with complex communication needs or severe speech difficulties in order to give them appropriate access to education.
The course is based on the principle of inclusive education to ensure that all children, including those experiencing speech problems, are ensured of equal access to education.
This course will also benefit early childhood development practitioners, teachers in special and full-service schools, learner support specialists and teachers, senior education specialists, as well as chief education specialists.
Learning Outcomes
Upon the completion of the course the participants will be able to:
  • Understand the importance of the childs developmental domains in learning
  • define the term Augmentative and Alternative Communication
  • Understand the importance of AAC as part of Inclusive Education Practice
  • Support learners with language and speech difficulties through the implementation of AAC
  • Understand different AAC systems
  • Able to match the learners capabilities with the requirements of the low and the high technology devices
  • Operate AAC devices to assist the learner with speech difficulties to access curriculum
  • Understand the use of unaided systems to assist learners with speech problems access curriculum
  • To be able to different their teaching methodologies and resources through AAC low technology.
Course Content
The following topics will be covered
  • The importance of communication and other developmental domains of a child in learning and participation
  • Definition of the term AAC
  • Principles of AAC within Inclusive Education practice
  • The importance of AAC -Learners in need of support through AAC
  • Different types of AAC systems
  • Matching learners abilities with AAC devices
  • Providing Learning support through AAC
Entry Requirements
Grade 12 and experience
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Catalogue and Category:
Education and Teacher Development
Who Should attend:
The course is ideal for you if you are a:Early Childhood practitioner, Teacher in Special Schools, Teacher in Full Service Schools, Learner Support Specialist, Learner Support educator, Senior Education Specialist, Chief Education Specialist.
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Contact Sessions
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