Information Technology Management Programme (ITMP)
Information Technology Management Programme (ITMP)
10 Jul 2023
R 40000.00

Brief Description
The Information Technology Management Programme provides you with an exploration into the key aspects involved in managing the resources of your organisation as technology manager, information officer or team leader in all branches of ICT.
During the programme, you will be able to update and expand your knowledge of information technology management by relooking best-practice, strategic and practical considerations in an organisations use or implementation of such technologies.
You will also develop further knowledge of managing IT departments/divisions, systems development and service delivery, ICT auditing and business analysis, general IT management processes, as well as governance responsibilities and outsourcing organisations.
Learning Outcomes
After successfully completing this course, you will:
  • have enhanced your practical knowledge and skills to lead information and IT related activities in the organisation at strategic, operational and project level
  • have a good understanding of the principles and practices of ICT management and should be more effective in your position, and
  • be knowledgeable and well-rounded in key positions.
Course Content
  • Strategic Management of IT Application Systems
  • Asset Management
  • Financial Management in IT
  • IT Service Delivery Management
  • Managing the People Side of Information Systems
  • IT and Business Law
  • IT Project Management
  • Planning and controlling IT
Entry Requirements
Prospective delegates should preferably have 4 years IT experience.

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Engineering and Technology Management
Who Should attend:
The programme is suitable for existing and emerging managers in IT departments, such as existing IT managers Chief Information Officers (CIOs) systems development managers service delivery managers, and IT project managers. It also provides the necessary knowledge and understanding of the IT management process to specialists and professionals, such as IT auditors, and business analysts. Similarly it provides the necessary knowledge and understanding of the IT management process to executives and managers who are charged with IT governance responsibilities such as members of IT steering committees IT executives, and staff from service providers, consulting organisations, contractors, etc. will benefit from a good knowledge and understanding of the processes to be found in typical IT departments.
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Contact Sessions
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